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Late Night Frequency (LNF) is an indie synth pop band from Shah Alam, Malaysia. LNF explores new grounds by marrying futuristic synthwave sounds with catchy pop and melodic lines in their music, in both English and Malay.

They started out in early 2020 as frontman Mr. Wolf (vocals, writer) a werewolf with a passion to share his music with the world, made bedroom music in the forests of Shah Alam. Though, 2021 marks a new beginning for LNF as new band member Adeep (guitars) joined Mr. Wolf, Miro (bass) and Ringo (drums) in the process of producing their debut album, "Diskografi" which will include 9-10 tracks that is scheduled to be released end of this year. With vast experiences between them, LNF promises big things for the future.

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