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Late Night Frequency (LNF) is an indie disco pop band from Shah Alam, Malaysia. LNF explores new grounds by marrying futuristic synthwave sounds with catchy pop and melodic lines in their music, in both English and Malay. 


It all started in early 2020 when frontman Moja (vocals, writer) was approached by a werewolf known as Mr Wolf (saxophone), who came into his dreams and sent him a message to recruit his fellow bandmates and start an electronic band. And so, the journey begins with Moja recruiting his long lost friend, Ringo (drums), Miro (bass) and Adeep (guitars) with a passion to share their music with the world, bringing their music from forests of Shah Alam to the centerstage of the world.


2021 was the golden debut year for LNF as the band released their first official single and music video, FUN LUST LOVE, which ended up blowing the internet and the Malaysian independent music scene. In that particular year, the band managed to place themselves in the Top 6 VANS Musician Wanted MY 2021, and also in the finals of Anugerah Lagu Indie 2021 while bagging home "Anugerah Terpaling Platinum" beating other top charters. Fast forward 2022, LNF is planning to grow even further as they set to release their 11-tracks debut album with a couple of music videos drops along the way. The band is also planning to release their official NFTs soon. Follow their social medias and be in tough to get updated. Visit:

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