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Disko Senyap x HGK, Tayangan Perdana, Fun Lust Love MV

Salam guys. Selamat berpuasa and Selamat Hari Raya for you all in the future.

Gosh, I don’t know where to start. It was a roller coaster month. As for most of you who don’t know, other than LNF, my elder son was Alam Bunyian, an independent music organizer/production house that I formed early 2018, which we ran using my own pocket money with Roy, my love/hate best man, as the visual artist/designer. You guys can check out Alam Bunyian on Instagram and Twitter as we are most active there. I’ll introduce Alam Bunyian properly in another post in the future.

So ceritanya, we went for hiatus for almost 2 years as I just started working as a full-time doctor late 2018, and after the #HariGigKebangsaan initiative surfaced, I thought to myself that it’s the perfect time for us to make a comeback and be active again, by starting out with organizing a slightly unique concept gig, Disko Senyap.

So you see, I had this idea since 2018 while touring Malaysia with my 2nd band Shuuna, about getting all of our live audiences to wear high quality headphones to get to listen to exactly what we want them to hear. As during live performances, we hear ourselves from our in ear monitoring, not what the audience listen to through the house speakers, with all those clashing frequencies/humming and nuisances. But that idea never realised at all as I thought it was impractical. Fast forward 2021, I only realized there was such a thing called ‘silent disco’, all it take was a simple google search (silly me). So I did my research, got connected with Silent Discotek and managed to come up with a cool gig idea whereby at the entrance, we provide 60 headphones for exclusive audiences, who could wear them anywhere in the gig area or even at the shop area, ultimately at the performing area whereby the musician will be on the same floor as the audience, in the middle of the crowd, while everyone circle around them as they play live music through an electronic setup.

So Disko Senyap, held at RUANG, Subang Jaya on the 11th April 2021 was a huge success, Alhamdulillah. A 3-week planning and hardwork ended with such an epic night. And I owe everything to the people of Alam Bunyian, Orang Bunyian as I usually refer them to, who did such an amazing job working together, and also all of the people we collaborated with including the artists, the event space, vendors and of course, the audience.

At the same time, we collaborated with TAPAU Asia led by Faris, and livestreamed it on their website. How we managed to do it without prior experience? Well, other than the genius of Roy who led our livestream team, we got Malaya Roll to thank for that. Sariy, their founder, contacted me to get LNF to perform for their IG Live Santai Malam, a chill live show from home using just a phone, on 10th April 2021, the night before Disko Senyap. But what we did instead was used that show as a ‘rehearsal’ for Alam Bunyian production team to try out our live musician setup for the livestream.

Man, I’m so grateful for my Alam Bunyian family. Notably Roy the man, obviously, who led the visual team, with the new addition of the talented wonderkid Jeffrey Adam, who’s also the man behind Juicy Brain, who made the visuals come to life, and Fizan, who joined at the very last minute and made it look so easy handling the camera. We invited Asyraf Nasir, a rapper under Universal Music to join the simple show, we livestreamed it from the living room of my own rented apartment, where I literally just finished painting just for the show. Aku sempat beli 6 lampu kedai tomyam tu, letak kat lantai, settle, indie kan?

In the midst of the prep for Disko Senyap, we literally just finished the shooting for #FunLustLove official MV at Melaka the week before, and Adam was busy doing the post production editing for the MV. Talk about being passionate!

I’ll do a whole different post for behind the scenes of the MV, but let me share some pictures here first:

And because I already scheduled for the release of Fun Lust Love to be on all streaming platforms on the 20th April 2021, because you know, 4/20 is such a cool figure aesthetically (lol) we had no choice but to finish everything on time, and I had to also figure out a way to put the word out there. So as a follow up from Alam Bunyian’s collaboration with TAPAU Asia for Disko Senyap, and also after all of these experience of working with these talented and passionate people behind the scenes of visual art, I discussed with Faris over whatsapp about 5 days prior to the release that I want to start a livestream show on TAPAU Asia to put the spotlight on the production team apart from highlighting the artists, with LNF leading the way again on the first episode. Hence, Alam Bunyian came up with the new idea of Tayangan Perdana.

That first screenshot of the clubhouse room was the only meeting we had prior to the show. The meeting was about 2 hours long, literally the night before the show and we had a whatsapp group that we used to communicate that whole night until sahur, we finalised everything from visually to the programme flow. Alvin Seah, the man behind Angqasa, our big brother of Alam Bunyian, came to the rescue and saved our ass. And how could I forget to mention LNF’s #LateNightListeners who stayed up with me most nights through clubhouse, giving priceless feedbacks and supports, and even sharing stupid banters.

We were joined by Aqilah Azali of Rakita Radio to host the show, and Gob of Luas MY even came to show his support. Faris liaised with me through whatsapp throughout the show, and again, Alhamdulillah it was another success. We premiered the MV, successfully launched Tayangan Perdana as a start for future episodes, and we all had a great time on 420.

I hope you all would check out LNF’s Fun Lust Love official music video on our Late Night Frequency’s Youtube channel. I hope musicians would approach Alam Bunyian to produce their music videos while aspiring short film makers would approach Alam Bunyian to produce short films as well, and ultimately leading to be featured in Tayangan Perdana. Last but not least, I really hope what we are doing now would create positive ripple effect in the arts scene, even if it’s a little.

Majulah muzik untuk negara.

Majulah seni untuk negara.

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