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#HariGigKebangsaan The Plan

Since the launching of the Clubhouse app, we’ve been able to communicate so much better between the small communities of Malaysian Independent scenes, spark unity and fresh ideas

So 2 nights ago (22nd April 2021), Faris of Tapau TV initiated an idea of a National Gig Day, with the help of Bam of Atas Angin and Elmi Elmo of Angkasa Event Space on clubhouse. The idea was simple, get as many gig organizers (regardless of which state they’re from) as possible to organize live gigs with livestreams on the same dates (10th April & 11th April), and to put all of the livestreams on one platform, so the music communities could simply switch channels to watch the shows online, but the impact would be huge, making a statement that the Malaysian Independent scene is still here and we are ready to make a huge comeback

Why I feel this is important for our industry? Because it will be a stepping stone for all of the people involved, from artists, crews, organizers, brands, venues, and especially the community to finally come together and start collaborating on a larger scale than previous years for future projects, especially seeing how hard it is to adapt to the digital era post Covid pandemic

It’s not that we didn’t thought of it before, we just didn’t get the means and chance to communicate well with one another before. I guess it’s one of the silver linings from the pandemic that we didn’t foresee, as quarantines and lock downs have ‘pushed’ every one of us to be more digitally aware of our scene and ease the connections being made by day.

As an independent organizer myself alongside my Alam Bunyian co-founder Roy, we find that it’s the perfect time to show our support and join in the movement as well, as we know this will shape the future of our scene for the better. More details about Alam Bunyian’s Hari Gig Kebangsaan 2021 event soon, so in the meantime, go follow other organizers social media accounts and get the latest updates.

Such entities include Tapau TV, Atas Angin, Malaya Roll, Angkasa, ATAS by Bijan FX, Safehouse, Soundmaker Penang, Gig It Jiwa, Freshtown, and many more to come. Imagine 7 gigs in KL/Selangor, 1 gig in Ipoh, 1 gig in Penang, 2 gigs in Sarawak, 1 gig in Sabah, 1 gig in Johor and still counting. Big things are definitely on the way, can’t wait.

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